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What I’m Loving Right Now: Tea

There are so many reasons why I love tea. They warm me when I’m cold and calm or energize me when I need it. Tea boasts different important  nutritional benefits depending on the tea, but most have antioxidants. When plain water isn’t enough, teas are a great alternative to soda and other drinks because they are flavorful yet mostly calorie free. Sometimes when I’m craving something sweet am not hungry, I’ll make myself a sweet tea. (Sometimes, I have to add a piece of chocolate on the side, but together they make a great cravin calmer.)

Depending on my mood, energy level and cravings, I like to gravitate toward different teas. Here is a list of the teas I’m loving right now:

Coconut Chai Black Tea by Zhena’s Gypsy Tea: I’m a big fan of chai tea lattes and chai tea (especially the kind you get in Indian restaurants). This chai is one of my favorites. The strong, spicy flavors of the chai are balanced by the sweet, smooth flavors of the coconut. It’s an energizing (thanks to the chai and black tea) yet almost calming. Bonus? It’s 100% fair trade and organic tea. The company also offers a Coconut Chai Green Tea that I’m eager to try.

Vanilla & Cinnamon Black Tea and Candy Cane Green Tea by Trader Joe’s: These seasonal teas are both delicious, smooth and great for cold winter days.

The black tea is a great cold weather, morning tea. The vanilla sweetens and the cinnamon spices. It is mild and sweet, yet warming and awakening.

While I rarely drink mint teas, I love the peppermint flavor in this green tea. It isn’t too strong nor too minty. It’s soothing and quieting thanks to the peppermint and lack of caffeine. This is a great evening and bedtime tea for cold.

(Source for Both Pictures Above)

White Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chia Mate (mixed) Loose Leaf Tea by Teavana: Since Teavana sells loose leaf teas, you can mix and match teas as you wish. I bought this combination of chai teas after tasting it in one of its stores. I appreciate that their stores often have two or more teas or combos to taste, allowing me to actually try the tea before buying it. The energizing White Ayurvedic Chai is spicy yet sweet due to its combo of spices and coconut. The Samurai Chai Mate has strong spices as well, which is complimented by herbs and citrus. When the teas are combined, you have a uniquely invigorating, spicy, sweet, almost fruity tea. Great both hot and cold. I prefer this tea in the morning to help me wake up. Don’t they look delicious…

Sources: White Ayurvedic Chai (Left) and Samurai Chi Mate (Right)

Vanilla Rooibos Full Leaf Tea by Tazo Tea: Rooibos tea is probably my favorite tea flavor right now. Rooibos tea is caffeine free, flavorful, creamy, naturally sweet, and almost nutty. It has a rich but not overly strong flavor. In this tea, the rooibos is complimented by sweet vanilla and tart and sweet fruit flavors, which bring a new brightness to the tea. It’s an indulgent, rich tea. It’s great hot and cold.


Question: What is your favorite kind of tea?


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