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Taste of the Nation

Who here loves food? Who here wants to give back to the world? If you’re like me (and hopefully you are), you answered “YES!” to both. Well, on Thursday, April 29, I was able to satisfy both of those needs by attending Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation in San Francisco It’s a nation wide culinary benefit dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America. 100% of the ticket sales support more than 100 of the nation’s most effective and strategic anti-hunger organizations. (Beneficiaries of SF event.) There were over 40 restaurants, wineries, and bars who came and had tastes of one or more of their dishes.

I read about this event over on Carrots ‘N’ Cake. (Tina, the author, attended the Boston event and wrote a post on it.) I spent probably less than 1 minute reading the post before I demanded of asked my mom if we could please attend. After reading about it, she was (almost) as exited about the event as I was. A few weeks later, we took the train into San Francisco and made our way to the AT&T Park.

Unfortunately, I managed to forget to write down the names of most of the restaurants from which these dishes come. Sorry! In any case, here are a few of that night’s eats:

Tai Snapper Ceviche: I love fish, especially raw fish (as in sushi and sashimi), so this was a real hit:

Chef Robert Petzold from Bocadillos (with plates of previously mentioned dish):

Pomegranate Martini Sorbet from Silver Moon: So refreshing and light. Tart from the pomegranate, a slight sweetness and alcohol-flavor from the alcohol. The mini-cone was an added plus. I really recommend this product:


My date for the evening (my mom) enjoying a salad:

Wrapped Sausage: While I didn’t try these, they were just too cute not to take a picture:

Raw fish (can’t remember the exact name) on potato salad:

Jennifer Biesty (exec. chef) and colleague from Scala’s Bistro and me! Biesty was on Top Chef Season 4 and my mom and I are HUGE Top Chef fans, so I had to ask for a photo. Do you like our props?

French Macaroons: These french macaroons, from Citizen Cake, are definitely the best french macaroons I’ve had. Not only were they all delicious, but they were perfectly made and the flavors were so unique. Flavors: raspberry rose (red), dulce de leche (yellow), mandarin (orange), coffee (tan), chocolate (brown), and basil (green). “What, a basil macaroon?” you ask? I was confused at first, too. Being the adventurous foodie I am, I tried despite my predispositions. It indeed tasted like basil but in the best way. The basil was so refreshing and paired well with the sweetness of the macaroon. Delicious! The chocolate (duh!) was my favorite. It was like a brownie with icing on the inside.

Mom with the Kobe beef slider the chef claimed would “Change our lives forever.” She said it was good, but didn’t feel too different afterward. 😉

The event was in the Club Level at AT&T Park, and we had the most amazing view of the field! Too bad there wasn’t a game going on:

I had some fun taking photos of this chef from Midi. His warm dates with gorgonzola cheese was SO delicious! I love dates; they have such a caramel-y, sweet (but not too sweet), fruity, chewy taste! Dates + cheese = heaven! :


On our way out, we spotted some celebrities and just had to take our pictures with them:

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment to tell me what you think! (Sorry, the photos are so small.)


PS. Coming soon: Quick and Easy Cookie Bars

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