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Food Fashion Friday

I love food. You love food. We all love food. So, why not show our love for food in addition to eating it?

In this fun little post, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite food related shirts that I found while scouring the internet. I hope you enjoy – and maybe even buy one yourself!

Please note, most of these shirts are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes plus girls and guys cuts!

Love tofu, froyo, or sushi? Show it with these adorable shirts from TheShirtDudes on Etsy. (The photos are close-ups of the designs.)

I love cookies and milk!! This “Cookie Loves Milk” shirt from Threadless is adorable.

I know Katie from Healthy Diva Eats would love this next shirt from Hot Topic. (Katie, we can pretend the hamburger is a veggie burger, okay? Haha.)

It’s on sale but only available in XL and XXL. It would make for an adorable, comfy PJ shirt after a day of delicious eats. 🙂

Eating local and homegrown veggies rocks. They taste better and are better for you (and the planet)! Show your support of Eating Local Greens (left shirt by joeseppi on Etsy) and Growing Your Own Food (right shirt by happyfamily on Etsy) with these shirts.

PB&J is one of my favorite food combos, so I’m in love with these two shirts: the left shirt is from Hot Topic and the right one is from Vintage Pop Tees on Cafe Press.

(Below left) I’ve added this shirt (from I Love Sriracha on Cafe Press) to the list in honor of my brother, who is in love with Sriracha and all things spicy!

(Below right) I love peanut butter and I’m a princess (my mom told me so!), so this shirt from Princess Gifts, Apparel and Decor at Cafe Press.

When I visited Vietnam (and Cambodia) during winter vacation 2009-2010, I ate some good Pho! Here is a cute and funny shirt from TheShirtDudes to honor all the delicious Vietnamese food I enjoyed during my travels! Gà means chicken. Now you know. 🙂

[TheShirtDudes have a bunch of other awesome food related shirts, so check them out!]

This shirt from theboldbanana declares “Baking is Sexy.” Heck yes, it is!!

Eating salad (and other healthy foods!) is the new black. Walk around looking cool with this Mr. Salad shirt from Threadless.

(Below left) Here is a shirt by nonfictiontees for you science-y (and eco/health?) types.

(Below right) This shirt, “Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate” shirt by redbrickwall, is very smart! Chocolate is a health and mood booster as well as oh-so-delicious and the perfect de-stresser! So follow my advice to follow this shirt’s advice!

And last but not least, the shirt that pretty much summarizes my life: the  “I run so I can eat Ice Cream” shirt by The Fan Cafe at Cafe Press. If only it said “…and Chocolate and Peanut Butter and a Sense of Accomplishment,” then it would be the perfect definition of me. 🙂

Question 1: Which one is your favorite?

Question 2: What do you run (or exercise) for?


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Top of the Hub

Top of the Hub: How I love thee! Let me count the ways…

Have you ever heard of Top of the Hub? It’s an award-winning restaurant on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Building in Boston, Ma. I’ve wanted to go to for a long time, but I had never had the chance to go… until last week!

(Photo Source)

My dad came to visit me in Boston in between two business trips. He was here for only two days, but boy, were those some fun-packed two days! When I was suggesting dinner locations to him a week prior, I included the Top of the Hub. I mentioned the amazing views and food he had (and that it was out of my budget), and he offered to treat me to dinner there. This is one of the many reasons he’s my favorite dad. 😉

And let me just say: Oh. My. Word. Top of the Hub was everything I had imagined and more. I’ve had a lot of good food in my life, and the food I enjoyed here was definitely some of the best I’ve had. Each and every piece I chewed was so incredibly amazing.

The view was incredible, the weather was beautiful, and we could see for miles…

The view definitely put us both in an excellent mood.

(Side note: Isn’t my Bambi necklace adorable? I got it at Forever 21 a year ago and it makes me smile.)

Top of the Hub features an impressive menu. There was a prix-fixe menu and two tasting options, but my dad and I decided to choose from the regular menu.

After ordering, we were brought fresh bread and butter. I ate a slice of bread (x3) with nuts (walnuts?) and dried berries (cranberries?). It was delicious! We don’t get fresh bread like this in our dining halls (or any other good bread really), so I was in heaven already!

To start, I had the Baby Spinach Salad with Roasted Walnuts, Pears, Vermont Goat Cheese, Port Wine Reduction, and Lemon Dressing. As soon as I read “goat cheese,” I knew this was the salad for me. Boy, do I miss good cheese!

I ordered the dressing on the side because I’m usually not a huge dressing fan. However, this dressing was special and deliciously tasty, and I dipped some forkfuls of salad into it. The dressing was sweet, creamy and slightly acidic and complemented the salad beautifully. I love salads that contain nuts, fruit, and cheese, so this was a great way to start my meal.

My dad ordered the Spicy Lobster Soup with Coconut Milk, Lemongrass, and Ginger. Of course, I had a spoonful or five! We agreed it was unbelievable and different from other lobster bisques/soups we’ve had – in a good way.  The soup was creamy but not heavy, slightly spicy yet sweet.

Next, my dad and I shared the Jonah and Lump Crabmeat Cake with Avocado Cream and Roasted Pepper Remoulade. I love crab cakes, and this one was great! The creamy remoulade was perfect for the creamy, savory (yet almost slightly sweet), smooth-textured crab cake.

Now on to something truly phenomenal. I was soon presented with the best cooked fish I’ve ever had: Main Cedar Plank-Roasted Atlantic Salmon with Peppercorn Maple Pecan Butter and Heirloom Sweet Potatoes. Yes, it was as good as it sounds and looks – and so much more!

Let’s just start with the fact that it’s on a cedar plank, an actual piece of wood! This didn’t make the fish taste woodsy or anything, but the aroma was quite refreshing. My guess is the plank helped in the cooking of the fish. (The server said the fish was pan-seared, then baked in an oven.) It also made for great presentation.

That fish was pure perfection. It cut like butter, was so smooth, and did not taste overly fishy. The peppercorn maple pecan butter brought the fish to the next level in so many ways. I mean, just look at it…

The butter brought out and enhanced the natural flavors of the fish: the sweet, peppery, creamy butter brought out those notes in the fish as well.

My dad ordered the Block Island Swordfish au Poivre with Potato Gnocchi, English Peas, Morel Mushrooms, and Cognac Cream. He prefers firm fish, so he was very pleased with his fish choice. We both loved the gnocchi (one of my favorite foods) and morel mushrooms in the sauce, as well.

Now, the grand finale: dessert! This was by far my favorite part of the entire meal. Would you expect any less of me?

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted. I read the first item on the menu and knew it was destined to be in my belly: Valrhona Warm Chocolate Cake with Blackberry Ice Cream and Burgundy Sauce (freshly baked to order). My dad chose to try a local specialty: Boston Cream Pie with Raspberry Sauce and Crème Anglaise (upper-right corner of photo below).

Let’s talk about this chocolate cake, or should I say heaven?

This photo says it all…

The (lava) cake was perfectly baked, rich, and not overly sweet. Baked and fluffy on the outside, molten chocolate batter on the inside. Oh, did it ooze with chocolate-y goodness!

I would have been quite happy with just the cake, but the blackberry ice cream in a sugar cookie crust brought it over the top. The ice cream was refreshing against the richness of the chocolate cake, and I ate the entire cookie base because it was oh so good.

My dad’s Boston cream pie was scrumptious. If you aren’t familiar with the dessert, Boston Cream Pie, it is “a round cake that is split and filled with a custard or cream filling and frosted with chocolate” (Wikipedia). The sponge cake was light and fluffy, the custard filling was light and vanilla-y, and the chocolate rounded out the flavors nicely. The petite cake was so cute!

I left the Top of the Hub very satisfied and not overly full, which made me even more happy when I didn’t think it was possible. Top of the Hub is absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend this restaurant if you are visiting Boston, celebrating a special event, or just in need of delicious food!

I hope you enjoyed my restaurant review. 🙂 As far as future posts go, I have a few ideas (trail mix chocolate bars, anyone?), but I’d love to hear from you guys! Please comment below on any topics you’d like to see me write on in a future post! Thanks!

PS. I’m inspired by the fish and dessert I ate and want to “recreate” them myself! Neither can be duplicated, but I’ll try my hand at sweet butter with fish and lava cake.  The lava cake will be a tricky one to “master,” but I’ll be sure to write a post when I get close. 🙂 You’ll have to wait until then though. In five short weeks, I’ll be home for break and have access to a kitchen once more!

Question 1: What is the best restaurant meal you’ve ever had? You just read about mine. 🙂

Question 2: What is your favorite dessert to order at a restaurant? More often than not, when freshly baked chocolate lava cake or cookies are on the menu (with ice cream!), that’s what I’ll order.

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Dining Hall Eats: Veggie Burger Salad

As a pescatarian (a vegetarian that eats fish), it is important I make sure I get enough protein, vitamins, etc, etc to keep myself full and healthy. Well, last semester, I found is difficult to do this. It’s not that BU’s dining halls don’t offer pescatarian options; it’s that those options are mostly not healthy. (Fried fish, fried tofu, you get the idea.) I did not make the conscious effort to make sure I always ate protein, and unfortunately, that messed with my body. Truth be told, I’ve had protein problems ever since I became a pescatarian.

Because I wasn’t eating enough protein, my sugar cravings were out of control and I was constantly snacking. My body often felt “off” and I gained weight despite working out. Well, I wanted this all to change.

One of my goals for 2011 was to make sure I ate enough protein and incorporate protein in all (or most, just to be realistic) my meals. So far, I’ve been pretty successful at keeping to this goal. I’ve been finding smart and sneaky ways to get enough protein. On days I eat a lots of protein, I’ve noticed an increase in my energy and a decrease in snack and sugary cravings. I believe it’s also helping me achieve my healthy, happy weight. 🙂

Not sure why protein is important or how much you should be getting? Read this article.

One of the meals I’ve made up over the weeks is the Veggie Patty Salad. Basically, I ask the “Grill Works” griller in the dining hall to make me a veggie burger without the bun. Then, I’d make a salad and combine the two. My dressing? Mustard + Ketchup.

Lettuce + spinach + sprouts + mushrooms

I love the look of the green and white veggies against the red place. Beautiful!

I love mushrooms! Recently, I read that they help fight cancer and boost the immune system. This is great news considering no one wants cancer and I live in a VERY cold place. I can use all the boosting I can get, and I pile mushrooms on top of anything (like pizza)!

Veggie burger patty

I love veggie burgers! This particular one is from one of the bigger dining halls on campus. I personally prefer the kind from the dining hall near my dorm, but both are still delicious!!

Veggie burgers have great nutritional stats. According to this article by EatingWell….

“While veggie burgers may not provide the iron, zinc and vitamin B12 found in beef, they fortunately also lack the high fat (over a third of it saturated), high cholesterol and calories found in a typical 3-ounce beef burger. Veggie burgers offer fiber, a variety of trace minerals and plant phytochemicals. Because most are soy-based, they also deliver high-quality protein.” Read the article for more info.

If you eat store-bought ones, make sure you choose protein-filled ones. According to the article, try to look for veggie burgers with at least 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and contained under 350 mg of sodium. The same article also has 4 veggie burger suggestions in case you want some suggestions.

Since I don’t know the exact nutrition contents of the veggie burgers I eat in the dining halls, I may start packing my own (bought from a grocery store) to make sure I’m getting a lot of protein and know exactly what is going into what I’m eating.

Juicy sliced tomatoes from the burger toppings bar

I cut up the burger patty and tomatoes to make them eater to eat and to add to the salad.

My salad “dressing” consisted of a mix of mustard and ketchup. Not only are they low in calories, both have many health benefits. (Click for a link: mustard benefits and ketchup benefits)

Put it all together on a fork and you have something delicious! I love the combination and it keeps me full for hours thanks to the protein from the veggie burger and from the fiber and volume from the veggies.

This totally contradicts my point, but it’s so true it’s funny and I felt like sharing.

Hahaha, Toothpaste for Dinner

Question: What is your favorite way to incorporate protein (or any other important nutrient) into your meals?

Comment below!

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